Czech Gas Company Will Crowdfund Energy Projects With Cryptocurrencies – The Blockchain Journal

A Czech gas and energy company will crowdfund energy projects in around Prague with cryptocurrencies, reported Cointelegraph on May 26.

The energy company is working on launching a new investment platform for green and gas-related projects in the country to attract investment both in cryptocurrencies and Czech koruna. Cryptocurrencies will also be accepted as a form of payment for their services.

The chairman of the board at Pražská plynárenská, Pavel Janeček, expressed that this initiative aims to attract a younger generation of clients.

He mentioned,

“We are trying to go to the young customers across the street, we do not want to be perceived as old dysfunctional moths.”

An operational payment gateway will be available in June 2018, according to Janeček. Cryptocurrencies, which are used for payment, will instantly be converted into fiat money. Janeček added “we will not speculate on the development of crypto. But if someone wants to pay with an alternative, we want to make it possible.”

The Czech energy and gas company is the only one of its kind to accept cryptocurrency and has more than 42 000 customers.


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